After breakfast, early in the morning, we will leave for our put in point, Dolalghat. Before the rafting starts, you’ll receive a safety briefing and get to know your guides.  In Dolalghat, the start will be smooth with a few rapids, which will give us some practice and warm up for the rapids that are yet to come. Towards the end of the day, you will experience the first of many Class III rapids. We will set up our camp at Pachuwarghat and prepare a campfire and delicious dinner to fuel you for the next day.  

We continue rafting against thrashing rapids, and get a taste of whats more to come as our boat approaches the class IV rapids ‘No exit’ and ‘Meatgrinder.’ Surrounded by indigenous Tamang villages, we will have a chance to see how the community subsistence on their land coupled with the river. This day is truly a great opening to our Sun Koshi journey! This evening, we camp at Pucharghat.

As the rafting trip advances further, we get more familiarized with the topology of the Golden River. Besides rendezvous with exhilarating scenic rapids, breathtaking scenery and ethno-cultural heritages are the other attractive prospects that make our journey enriching and memorable. In the afternoon, we will enter the confluence of the Likhu Khola, then finally reach camp at Dhani Ghat..

The river trip meets a series of whitewater rapids with various intensities at regular intervals. Hold on tight as we encounter a series of whitewater boudler gardens with technical class III-V rapids.*** It’s time to rest and refuel at our campsite in Harkapur. Enjoy the tranquil environment under the stars and prepare yourself for tomorrow. ***HOC puts your safety first and  invests in its river guides’ high standard trainings in whitewater safety and rescue, taking extreme precaution and safety measures on all their adventures. Please see the About Us page for more details regarding our trainings and certifications, as we take pride in our team’s  preparedness in the wilderness.   

It’s the middle of your expedition and encountering class IV rapids as you approach the cold-water Dudhkoshi River. As the river’s ecosystems converge, immense biodiversity arrises along with an alluvial fanning with deposits of the basin’s rich minerals flowing all the way from Tibet. This is a fisher hotspot. Keep your camera ready for the flora, fauna and a look into artisanal fishing practices in the hills. Not to mention, you’ll still have to paddle through the awesome rapids like Rapid Punch, Juddy, High Anxiety, Motorcycle, Harkapur 1, Harkapur 2 and Harkapur 3. It’s been quite a day! In the late afternoon, we’ll reach Raighat to set up camp. **Try to sleep early, so you can wake up for our morning bird walk the next day. 

You’ll have an optional early morning bird walk.  Our naturalist river guide will offer an hour of birding before breakfast, ready to answer and ask any questions with you about the local flora and funa. After breakfast, you’ll be fighting against rapids like Jaws and Dead Man’s Eddy, we raft past a suspension bridge and a huge eddy. The exotic wilderness coupled with thrilling rapids will keep you paddling forward for more! Today we’ll reach the beach at Raswaghat in the afternoon for some time to explore around the campsite and get our terrestrial legs moving again! Enjoy the campfire and nourishing dinner.

Today the terrain is dramatic and unique. Making our way through wild verdant vegetation, rock-strewn cliff and house-sized boulders, we bounce and splash against the untamed river against the rapids such as Rhino Rocks and Jungle Corridor. Keep your smile on, as we will will be treated with awesome view of  quaint villages, picturesque landscape and exotic wildlife. This evening we’ll be camping near  near Riverghat.

As the high volume basin river cuts against the rocky banks, crashing into rocks and crevices breaking into foaming white water rapids, we position the raft securely abiding the instructions of our river guide. Enjoying the stunning scenery, we white water raft through narrow canyons and furious rapids like Chamereghat and Darsandhungat. After arriving at Ranitar, you will realize the magnificence of your campsite’s view. This picturesque afternoon will take your break away.

Departing from Ranitar’s campsite with Everest in the background and the scope of the Himalayan Watershed before your eyes, we paddle through the Big dipper rapid to soon discover enchanting waterfalls and paradisiacal side canyons, where we enter Tribeni Ghat. Tribeni Ghat is the confluence of Arun and Tamur rivers, and the start of the beginning of the Sapta Kosi river basin (home of the Ganges River Dolphin and a hotspot for hundreds of bird species). Holding onto the cherishing memories of the trip, we bid farewell to our rafting journey after arriving at Chatara, where there is a Barahi temple, where many pay homage to lord Vishnu. From Chatara, we will drive to the city of Biratnagar..