Playtime! Marshyangdi’s technical rapid’s will challenge you until the campsite. Practice with 1 on 1 instruction various paddling essentials and see improvements throughout the day to the river camp. Learn how to read a more technical river and we will get your paddling on camera. In the late afternoon while dinner is being prepared, you and your instructor will review lessons learned from that day. Rest and refuel well at the campsite under the stars with warm campfire and nutritious meal. Tomorrow is another day and a chance to put your new found river reading skills to work.

After a delightful breakfast, you and your instructor will take a jeep back to the same put-in as yesterday and rerun to one of the greatest segments of Himalayan whitewater. Today is your chance to shine and get your skills on camera for your Marshyangdi Kayaking Movie debut. After your refreshing paddling adventure through some challenging and technical rapids surrounded by luscious jungle, you will enjoy dinner along the riparian buffer of the Marshyangdi next to the Sal Bisneh Community Forest. There, you will be fed a locally caught fresh fish meal and learn from the indigenous fishers what it means to depend on the Marshyangdi basin as a subsistence fishing community in the hills coupled with what Nepal’s demand for hydropower means or the future of the community.

Wake up to a gourmet brunch on the riverbank and nourish your body and soul. On the last day of your kayaking clinic…put your river reading, rolling, and wave surfing skills to test and as we continue kayaking down to Bimal Nagar. At the Take-out point, you will be 30 minutes away from the glorious Newari village of Bandipur and Siddha cave (the second largest cave in Asia) as well as 2 hours from Pokhara. Please let us know where you would like to go next at least 48 hours before your trip and we will send you off for more adventure!  

Please let us know if you would like any changes to this itinerary.