Learn the basics of whitewater kayaking in this full-day on the lake in preparation for the next three days on the river. With your one-on-one instruction on the lake, you’ll get acquainted with your paddling gear, learn standard strokes, balancing techniques coupled with boat control, safety maneuvers, rescue techniques and how to roll your boat. This evening, you will stay in Lakeside and should rest well. You’re gonna have a fun-filled adventure ahead of you the next day on the Lower-Seti t put your newly acquired skills to use!

On the second day, you and your instructor will hit the warm waters of the Lower Seti near the Damouli bridge. This fun-filled segment will put your newfound skills to test. Progressing from slower moving what to class II whitewater, we will practice basic boat handling, eddy-turns and peel-outs, ferrying, water reading, and self-rescue techniques. All this in one of Nepal’s top paddling destinations, you won’t forget how incredible it is to be able to kayak through the foothills of the Himalayas! In the evenings you will dine and rest well on the sandy white beach under a luscious canopy of trees and clear starry night with the rush of the river passing by.  

Without a road in sight and nothing but the sounds of rushing water, river birds, and a few villagers here and there… you will have the chance to put your skills to the test in the pristine wilderness. After a hearty breakfast, our HOC crew will pack up camp and paddle down. Today you will face big waves and technical rapids  alongside your instructor. You will want to paddle hard towards the campsite, as this is one of the most gorgeous river banks with white sand and a nearby indigenous Gurung village. Here, you and your team will dine by the campfire, and enjoy the remote natural environment under the night sky.    

Rise and Shine! Continue soaking up the wilderness and dine on a delicious morning brunch. -Today is our last day on the Lower-Seti and we’re nearly certain the first of many more whitewater journeys in your future. With the newfound skills you’ve acquired in Nepal’s beloved Seti river, you will have memories for a lifetime! The take-out is in Mugling, a 2-hour drive north of the famous Chitwan National Park;  45-minutes from the Newari village of Bandipur; 3 hours from Pokhara; and 4 hours from Kathmandu. What is your next destination? Let us know how we can put you in the right direction.