The thrill of Kaligandaki starts right at the put-in, with a long continuum of intense rapids throughout the entire expedition. With such extreme white water, we recommend you choose a company with skilled, well-trained and certified guides and safety kayakers, like those in HOC. Throughout the trip, you will see the dramatic landscape of the Annapurna Range coupled with a diverse array of fauna. The put-in is along the Annapurna Circuit. 

The first day immediately begins with a series of Class III & IV rapids. Interesting rock formations are seen on the canyon walls as we paddle past. High above the river lie villages perched on hilltops. Birding is a special feature on this trip and such specimens as Redshank, cormorants, and kingfishers can be seen along the river. Ask our naturalists and use our waterproof field guides along the way! The day ends at the campsite near Modi Beni, a sacred site for Hindu pilgrimages with a campfire and a deliciously rewarding dinner

Soon after breakfast the second day’s trip begins and there are more nonstop class III/ IV whitewater to maneuver. As the river meanders through the gorges and valleys, the gradient decreases and the valleys become wider. Coupled with the change in topography, you will see temples along the way and villages mostly inhabited by Brahmins or Magars in the more fertile hillside. Before the jungle corridor is entered, you will encounter waterfalls cascading down stalactite formations, indicating that you’ve entered a new topographical region. The night halt is on a remote beach, for you to chill and take it all in.

The valley then widens, and the great gorge is left behind. Back in civilization, farmers can be seen busy in their fields and children wave from a distance. A locally harvested lunch here brings an end to this marvelous three-day river journey through vast biological, topographical and ethnic diversity. Even the drive back to Pokhara makes the journey more interesting as the road leads through rising hills, farmland and charming Gurung Villages.